Like most of the rest of the country, we are now in lockdown. However, we realise that there may be extreme situations where customers will still require our services during this time (please see below). If you have lost power to your home, or an important part of your home (e.g. freezer failure, no heating, etc), please call our main number - 07 542 3355.

Dear valued customers/suppliers,

We are all no doubt aware of, and concerned by, the effects in New Zealand of COVID-19 coronavirus.

Working in accordance with government guidelines, in tandem with our own health and safety policy, Pope Electrical have taken some measures to try and protect everyone from infection.

We would like our customers, potential customers, and suppliers to know that we value your health and wellbeing as much as we do our own employees’.

Already, in our premises and in those sites where we are engaged, we have embarked upon a rigorous handwashing and germ-free environment policy (as far as is practical). We require that all visitors to our premises comply with this.

In addition to this, we have drawn up a declaration which we require any customer to sign before we enter their premises.

This simply states that you, and/or members of your household, have not returned from overseas in the last 21 days and have not been in close contact with anyone who has been overseas during this same period.

This, we feel, will help protect not only our own employees, but those customers our workers are likely to come into contact with.

We hope you are not offended by this in any way and understand that this is the best way forward for everyone to get through this and at the same time try to function as normally as possible as a community.

There is little doubt that the situation will get worse as time goes on, and our actions will evolve as a result, but by working together we can help minimise the risk to one another.

Pope Electrical will be happy to continue to be of service to you during this difficult period and beyond.

Hoping we all keep healthy and safe,

The Team at Pope Electrical.