Ventilation Systems

With years of experience among our dedicated installers, we can install a super efficient ventilation system in your home or commercial premises. We are accredited installers for Smartvent and Unovent.

Ventilation systems have been proven to make your home or workplace healthier, by not allowing air to stagnate, removing allergens and humidity and preventing build-up of mould. Why not give one of experts a call today? They'll happily give you a run down of all the benefits of a top ventilation system.
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Ventilation System Servicing

  • Keeps your ventilation system working efficiently
  • Maintains it in good working order
  • Prevent build up of mould
  • Remove and prevent spiders and cockroaches
  • Gives healthier airflow
  • Keeps your system within the terms of its warranty
Keep your ventilation system performing efficiently

We love our Unovent! We have 80's style aluminium joinery and during winter, water used to run down our windows and you could hear it dripping. Since having the Unovent installed, we have dry windows and it's noticeably warm and dry in the bedrooms. The quoting and installation process was excellent, and it was extremely cost effective. We're so pleased we chose Unovent for our home.

Pam from Tauranga says . . . So pleased!

Just want to let you and your team know that I appreciate your good work. You provide great and fast customer service from your assessment, skillful installations, answers to queries, to your friendly follow ups, making sure that everything is working well.
I like how I don't have to fiddle with the Unovent because it has it's own brain and there is definitely less condensation when it's on. The Fujitsu heatpump has been keeping us warm and comfortable without having to do much.
Once again, thank you and a big👍 to your team!

Marie in Te Puke wrote . . . Thank you!